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The Peep Diaries: How We're Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors
"Take a peek at The Peep Diaries, an erudite (but not too erudite) look at the culture that Facebook, Twitter, et al. have spawned."-Real Simple "It's a great read; it mixes frank interviews withExpand
Hello, I'm Special: How Individuality Became the New Conformity
"Hal Niedzviecki is one of the wisest, funniest and most acute cultural critics writing today."--Naomi Klein, author of "No Logo"Hal Niedzviecki has a blunt message for the army of tattoo andExpand
Fear and Loathing on the Granting Trail: Canadian Art Versus Canadian Bureaucracy
Abstract: This essay is an exploration of the effect of arts and culture grants from various levels of the Canadian granting bureaucracy on the creative id of the Canadian artist. The article positsExpand