Hal J. Strangeways

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In this paper, a two-dimensional (2-D) angle of arrival (AOA) estimator is presented for vertically polarised waves in which a one-dimensional (1-D) antenna array is used. Many 2-D AOA estimators were previously developed to estimate elevation and azimuth angles. These estimators require a 2-D antenna array setup such as the L-shaped or parallel antenna 1-D(More)
Phase scintillation, e.g. as observed from GPS satellites by ground receivers, is generally measured as the standard deviation of the random fluctuations of the phase received over a fixed period of time which is ofteny taken to be 60s. The measured phase scintillation can be an important tool in understanding the ionospheric turbulence producing it, and(More)
The Global positioning system (GPS) uses long pseudorandom code sequences at L-band frequencies to provide navigation services to civilian and military users. However, in case of weak signals a long exhaustive search is required at the receiver for signal acquisition. A new acquisition method named Repetitive Block Acquisition (RBA) has been proposed to(More)
This paper presents the optimal approach to mitigate scintillation effects caused by ionosphere irregularities, principally plasma bubbles that occur mostly in ionosphere in low latitude. The mitigation is made by figuring out the scintillation index for the chosen geographic location, extracted from the received real-time RINEX data. Various simulators and(More)
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