Hal Carter

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Insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) may play a role in prostate growth, hyperplasia, and malignancy. High plasma IGF-I has been associated with increased prostate cancer risk. In a prospective, cohort, case-control study in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study on Aging population, we examined prostate volume by magnetic resonance imaging, and prostate-specific(More)
As part of DARPA's $150M Rapid Prototyping of Application Specific Signal Processors (RASSP) program, the RASSP Education & Facilitation (RASSP E&F) team consisting of SCRA, Arthur D. Little has developed a new digital system design curriculum and supporting course infrastructure in the form of an electronic archive of instructional material – course(More)
PURPOSE Transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy results rely on physician ability to target the gland according to the biopsy schema. However, to our knowledge it is unknown how accurately the freehand, transrectal ultrasound guided biopsy cores are placed in the prostate and how the geometric distribution of biopsy cores may affect the prostate(More)
The growth pattern of the brains of normal CD-1 mice was studied from day 1 through day 21 after birth. The main purpose of the study was to decide on suitable methods of statistical analysis of these kinds of data including whether to analyze brain weight or the brain-to-body weight ratio. A secondary purpose, which aided the main purpose, was to find(More)
Men who enter active surveillance because their biopsy exhibits only Gleason grade 3 (G3) frequently have higher grade tumor missed by biopsy. Thus, biomarkers are needed that, when measured on G3 tissue, can predict the presence of higher grade tumor in the whole prostate. We evaluated whether PTEN loss, chromosome 8q gain (MYC) and/or 8p loss (LPL)(More)
Stromal tumors of uncertain malignant potential (STUMP) are rare diagnoses in the evaluation of elevated PSA. The management of STUMP in the setting of an elevated PSA is challenging, as STUMP may have a benign clinical course. In this report, we describe a patient who was found to have a PSA >500 ng/ml and a large STUMP. We review the critical findings and(More)
Under sponsorship of the National Science Foundation, eleven participants from universities and industry and seven individuals from the NSF met during October 18-19, 1993, to assess the unique needs educators have for rapid prototyping of microelectronic systems and to suggest potential solutions for continuously improving the state-of-the-art in U.S.(More)
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