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Electronic mail has become the unexciting and mundane electronic communication medium we love to hate. It wasn’t always that way. Hate is a fairly recent emotion. Email has been with us in one form or another since the earliest days of computer networks and bulletin board services. From inauspicious beginnings, it became one of the three “killer apps,”(More)
F rancis Bacon is reported to have said that the three things that made his world different from that of the ancient Greeks and Romans were the printing press, the compass and gunpowder. It is instructive to note he didn’t mention the water pump, the rigid horse collar, or lateen sails—all of which were critical to the advancement of agriculture and(More)
T he concept of non-monolithic file systems is not new. “File forks” were an integral part of the original Macintosh Hierarchical File System. Apple separated file information into data and resource forks, where the resource fork contains a resource map followed by the resources, or links to resources, needed to use the data. Typical resources would include(More)