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F rancis Bacon is reported to have said that the three things that made his world different from that of the ancient Greeks and Romans were the printing press, the compass and gunpowder. It is instructive to note he didn't mention the water pump, the rigid horse collar , or lateen sails—all of which were critical to the advancement of agriculture and(More)
R emember the Mosaic War? It was the hot topic of techie conversation a few years ago. The term hearkens back to the kinder and simpler era of Web antiquity (circa, 1994!). Like " navigator/browser, " " helper app " and " X-windows, " the term signifies a bygone era—the Web-gilded age every software developer believed they had a chance at market dominance(More)
The phenomenon of hiding digital data is as old as the computer systems they reside on. Various incarnations of data hiding have found their way into modern computing experience from the storage of data on out-of-standard tracks on floppy disks that were beyond the reach of the operating system, to storage information in non-data fields of network packets.(More)
W ithout question, electronic publishing is one of the hottest topics in computing. Groups worldwide want to know how to do it well, how to advertise it effectively, how to enhance the capabilities of electronic publishing to include emerging multimedia technologies , and, most of all, how to make money at it. In the future it will be increasingly important(More)
T he use of watermarks is almost as old as paper manufacturing. Ancients poured their half-stuff slurry of fiber and water onto mesh molds to collect the fiber, then dispersed the slurry within deckle frames to add shape and uniformity, and finally applied great pressure to expel the water and cohere the fiber. This process hasn't changed too much in 2,000(More)
This paper summarizes the results of a study which compared the efficiency of two methods of measuring program similarity in the context of novice programmers trying to reach identical objectives. Both methods look for similarity by comparing 'program profiles'. Such profiles are created by feature extraction routines which map each program onto a tuple(More)