Haksung Kim

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Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a common, lethal genetic disease, which is due to mutations in the CFTR gene. The CF lung expresses a profoundly proinflammatory phenotype, due to constitutive hypersecretion of IL-8 from epithelial cells lining the airways. In a systematic search for candidate drugs that might be used therapeutically to suppress IL-8 secretion from(More)
—The purpose of this paper is to build a theoretical approach for numerically analyzing closeness centrality measures among workflow-actors of workflow-supported social network models to be formed through BPM(workflow)-driven organizational operations. The essential part of the proposed approach is a closeness centrality analysis equation to calculate each(More)
The purpose of this paper is to build a fundamental framework of discovering and analyzing a workflow-based social network formed through workflow-based organizational business operations. A little more precisely speaking, the framework formalizes a series of theoretical steps from discovering a workflow-based social network to analyzing the discovered(More)
The effects of silicon cross section and neutron spectrum on the radial uniformity of a Si-ingot are examined experimentally with various neutron spectrum conditions. For the cross section effect, the numerical results using silicon single crystal cross section reveal good agreements with experiments within relative difference of 6%, whereas the discrepancy(More)
In this paper, we focus on RFID middleware's event management functionality that provides a means of specifying event-constraints for filtering a huge number of raw data cought from the associated RF readers. However, the current specifications are too circumstantial to be understood by the application developers who used to lack the professional and(More)
The scalability and performance issues about large-scale workflow are the most impeccable topics, in recent, because the size of workflow system and its applications are becoming larger and larger and requiring, nevertheless, much more reliable and faster services. These technological pressures push us to develop an EJB-based workflow management system(More)
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