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BACKGROUND The incidence of hospital acquired pneumonia (HAP) varies according to the type of intensive care units (ICUs). AIM The aims of this study were to determine the frequency of hospital acquired pneumonia (HAP) and the effect of isolation rooms on the frequency of pneumonia in the ICU. MATERIALS AND METHODS The present investigation was carried(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the frequencies of asbestos-related benign pleural diseases in villagers environmentally exposed to asbestos and the factors affecting these frequencies. A field-based, cross-sectional study was designed. In total, 991 villagers from 10 villages, randomly chosen from 67 villages with known use of(More)
We studied the acquisition of bone mineral and related changes in body mass, pubertal status, and sex hormones in 75 healthy prepubertal and pubertal girls aged 7.5-16 years. Bone mineral density of the lumbar spine (L-1, L-2, L-3, L-4) was measured in children by quantitative computerized tomography. Skeletal mineralization accelerated markedly at puberty.(More)
Pelvic ultrasonography was performed on 75 normal girls. Values were obtained for uterine length, fundal/cervical ratio (FCR), ovarian volume and sex hormones. The resultant data were grouped according to age and pubertal stage (Tanner). For uterine length, FCR and ovarian volume, the data were positively skewed, and the variance increased with age and(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated type D personality, anxiety, depression and personality traits in patients with isolated itching of the external auditory canal. METHOD A hundred consecutive out-patients with isolated itching of the external auditory canal and 100 controls were enrolled in the study. The Type D Scale, the abbreviated form of the Eysenck(More)
AIM The purpose of our study was to determine the association between smoking habit, goiter, thyroid functions and ultrasonographic nodularity in moderately iodine deficient area. METHODS The MELEN study is a prospectively designed survey on the prevalence of thyroid diseases in Turkish adults. A total of 2298 subjects with a mean age of 50 (age range 18(More)
BACKGROUND Our aim was to assess the prevalence and associated risk factors of common hypersensitivity reactions to drugs in the adult population, for which limited data are available. METHODS The data consisted of 1052 questionnaires obtained from adults. The questionnaires consisted of questions on immediate-type hypersensitivity reactions induced by(More)
We aimed to determine the frequency of oropharyngeal candidiasis and its clinical correlates in the asthmatic patients who use fluticasone propionate (FP) as a dry powdered inhaler. We selected four groups of patients: 62 asthmatic patients who were taking 200 microg/d FP, 122 asthmatics who were taking 500 microg/d FP, 50 asthmatic patients who had not(More)
To determine independent risk factors associated with the pathogenesis hypoxic hepatitis (HH) in hypoxemic patients. The prospective study, multivariate analysis, between January 1999 and March 2003 was conducted at University hospital, intensive care unit, Department of Chest Diseases. A total of 445 consecutive patients were included in the study.(More)
OBJECTIVE This study measures and compares the outcome of conservative physical therapy with traction, by using magnetic resonance imaging and clinical parameters in patients presenting with low back pain caused by lumbar disc herniation. METHODS A total of 26 patients with LDH (14F, 12M with mean aged 37 +/- 11) were enrolled in this study and 15(More)