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Detection of narrowband signals is of interest in many areas such as radar and communications. Bartlett method is the conventional method to tackle this problem but it solely uses the peak information in the periodogram even when the signal structure is partially known. Using a priori knowledge of the signal power spectral density (PSD), a spectrum matching(More)
We consider a wireless sensor network that comprises a single hop between the sensor nodes and the central controller node with multiple antennas. In this system model, we concentrate on the single-beam opportunistic communication and propose two novel packet transmission schemes that can performmultiuser diversity gain based on the signal-to-noise ratio(More)
In the design of wireless scheduling policies, the fairness criterion plays an important role in upgrading the performance of network. This paper concentrates on how the channel-aware opportunistic scheduler can improve both throughput and fairness in cellular wireless networks. In order to improve the fairness, we propose an adaptive fair scheduling(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a wireless home automation system that can be used for general purposes in our life. The proposed system is designed for easy installation, so it could be use at any location to gather indoor conditions. The proposed system comprises of a wireless sensor and actuator network which is low cost and low(More)
Building automation systems are established to increase people's comfort and security with reduced energy consumption. The integration of wireless technologies into building control promises to make significant simplification in wiring requirements behind reduction of maintenance complexity and setup costs. This paper explores the application potential of(More)
We previously proposed a threshold based medium access control (MAC) protocol that can perform multiuser diversity gain for star topology based wireless sensor network in a single cell architecture. The considered network model comprises a single hop between the sensor nodes and the controller node with multiple antennas. The optimum threshold was designed(More)
VIA ORTHOGONAL WAVELET TRANSFORM Y. T. Chan , H. C. Soy and P. C. Chingz Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario, K7K 5L0 yDepartment of Electronic Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong zDepartment of Electronic Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong(More)
In this paper, a reasoning-based intelligent system makes use of fuzzy control approach, which is designed for thermal comfort applications by using an embedded microcontroller system. In general, it is not possible to implement the mathematical thermal comfort models in actual environment. Thermal comfort usually depends on four environmental parameters(More)