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This paper introduces a distributed fault-tolerant topology control algorithm, called the Disjoint Path Vector (DPV), for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks composed of a large number of sensor nodes with limited energy and computing capability and several supernodes with unlimited energy resources. The DPV algorithm addresses the k-degree Anycast(More)
Keywords: Topology control Fault-tolerance Energy efficiency Prolonged network lifetime k-connectivity Heterogeneous wireless sensor networks a b s t r a c t This paper introduces an adaptive, energy-aware and distributed fault-tolerant topology-control algorithm, namely the Adaptive Disjoint Path Vector (ADPV) algorithm, for heterogeneous wireless sensor(More)
Recommended by Athanasios T. Vasilakos Multicast routing protocols in wireless sensor networks are required for sending the same message to multiple different destinations. In this paper, we propose two different distributed algorithms for multicast routing in wireless sensor networks which make use of location information of sensor nodes. Our first(More)
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