Hakki Alparslan Ilgin

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The parental origin and mechanism of formation of polysomy X were studied in two polysomic cases, using four X-linked restriction fragment length polymorphisms, three (CA)n dinucleotide repeat sequences and one variable number tandem repeat (VNTR) locus as genetic markers. A nonradioactive technique based on the hybridization of the polymerase chain(More)
Hyperspectral sensors generate images in narrow bands in continuous manner with hundreds of spectral bands. The data with large number of bands require more processing power to classify. To decrease the redundancy in hyperspectral images and increase classifying efficiency with less number of bands, dimension reduction techniques are applied. In this paper,(More)
Analysis of the surgicopathological characteristics and clinical follow-up of patients with undifferentiated uterine carcinoma (UUC) was conducted. A total of 18 cases operated between January 1993 and December 2013 were included. Among 1,690 patients with endometrial cancer, 18 patients (1.1%) had UUC. Lymph node involvement was detected in 70.6%; depth of(More)
Compressive Sensing (CS) is a technique that suggests the possibility of reconstruction of a signal vector using much smaller linear measurements than its dimension. Sparse signals are acquired in vectors using sensing matrices. If the signals are sparse enough the original signal can be reconstructed successfully. In CS applications while the signal can be(More)
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