Hakim Khali

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This research paper aims at analyzing the impact of exploiting the parallelism available in two common Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) projective forms on speed and cost factors, assuming point-multiplication is implemented using the m-ary algorithm instead of the popular binary algorithm. Point-multiplication is implemented using scalable multipliers in(More)
In this research paper, we aim at proposing a new energy-aware approach in order to authenticate packet flows in systems with limited energy. Reduction of power consumption is obtained by dynamically merging data packets and using lower message digests as a function of the system energy. This approach allows increasing the lifetime of battery-operated(More)
In the dynamic multicast environment, static multicast retransmission modes may lead to congestion and loss of packets due to propagation errors of the wireless network. This paper logically divides the dynamic multicast network into fixed and mobile parts, and focuses on the dynamic wireless environment, where mobile member may enter in non-covered areas.(More)
This paper presents a FPGA implementation of a Sub-pixel correction algorithm for active laser range finders. It shows how to replace complex CPU operations by an efficient use of arithmetic functional units and lookup tables LUTs. This leads to a less complex architecture and an increase in performance. The architecture of a processor element, its(More)
Modem network-based applications continuously raise the demand for secure data communications. This demand has motivated the development of new cryptographic standards and encryption algorithms. The hash message authentication code (HMAC) has been adopted as a standard for robust authentication with enhanced security features. HMAC makes use of wellknown(More)