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The hippocampus and the rhinal cortex, two substructures of the medial temporal lobe, together play a crucial role in human declarative memory formation. To investigate in detail the mechanism connecting these two structures transiently during memory formation we recorded depth EEG in epilepsy patients from within the hippocampus and the rhinal cortex.(More)
The EEG during deep sleep exhibits a distinct cortically generated slow oscillation of around and below 1 Hz which can be distinguished from other delta (0.5-3.5 Hz) activity. Intracranial studies showed that this slow oscillation triggers and groups cortical network firing. In the present study, we examined whether the phases of the slow oscillation during(More)
This study investigated how different spectral and nonlinear EEG measures covaried with alpha power during auditory alpha biofeedback training, performed by 13 healthy subjects. We found a significant positive correlation of alpha power with the largest Lyapunov-exponent, pointing to an increased dynamical instability of the EEG accompanying alpha(More)
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