Hakem M. Zaied

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In the information age, the gap between the developed and developing countries increased due to the ease of access to new technologies and the usage of information and communications technology (ICT). The first step in promoting e-Government is conducting the e-Readiness assessment. E-Readiness is defined as the degree to which a community is prepared to(More)
This study modified the dimensions of the TAM and D&M IS Success Models and added additional two success dimensions (Management support and Training). An integrated model for evaluating IS success was generated; the proposed model has been validated by an empirical study based on a questionnaire. The results indicated that information quality has a strong(More)
With the fast evolution of information technology, traditional healthcare is moving towards a more electronic stage. As a result, the e-Health term appears, and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) become a critical application of e-Health management systems. These computerized records have been widely used by clinicians, healthcare providers, patients, and(More)
Databases hold a critical concentration of sensitive information and become available on the internet to facilitate access, and as a result, databases are vulnerable and become the target of hackers. Today the security of database system become one of the most urgent tasks in database research, so to protect database system from attacking and compromised(More)
In this competitive world, websites are considered to be a key aspect of any organization's competitiveness. In addition to visual esthetics, usability of a website is a strong determinant for user's satisfaction and pleasure. However, lack of appropriate techniques and attributes for measuring usability may constrain the usefulness of a website. To address(More)
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