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We study the convex-hull problem in a probabilistic setting, motivated by the need to handle data uncertainty inherent in many applications, including sensor databases, location-based services and computer vision. In our framework, the uncertainty of each input point is described by a probability distribution over a finite number of possible locations(More)
The scheduling needs of umpires and referees differ from the needs of sports teams. In some sports leagues, such as Major League Baseball in the United States, umpires travel throughout the league's territory; they do not have a " home base. " For such leagues, balancing the need to minimize umpire travel and the objective that an umpire should not handle(More)
OBJECTIVE Few non-surgical conditions are more painful than rib fractures. There are a few methods for pain relief in patients with minor rib fractures. METHODS We used a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID, Naproxen sodium) and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) to control pain of the patients with uncomplicated minor rib(More)
A well-known problem in computational geometry is Klee's measure problem, which asks for the volume of a union of axis-aligned boxes in d-space. In this paper, we consider Klee's measure problem for the special case where a 2-dimensional orthogonal projection of all the boxes has a common corner. We call such a set of boxes <i>2-grounded</i> and, more(More)
We consider the problem of computing k shortest paths in a two-dimensional environment with polygonal obstacles , where the jth path, for 1  j  k, is the shortest path in the free space that is also homotopically distinct from each of the first j 1 paths. In fact, we consider a more general problem: given a source point s, construct a partition of the(More)
We propose an algorithm for the problem of computing shortest paths among curved obstacles in the plane. If the obstacles have O(n) description complexity, then the algorithm runs in O(n log n) time plus a term dependent on the properties of the boundary arcs. Specifically, if the arcs allow a certain kind of <i>bisector intersection</i> to be computed in(More)