Hakan Terzioglu

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Random neural network (RNN) is an analytically tractable spiked neural network model that has been implemented in software for a wide range of applications for over a decade. This paper presents the hardware implementation of the RNN model. Recently, cognitive packet networks (CPN) is proposed as an alternative packet network architecture where there is no(More)
OBJECTIVES Biomechanics is one of the main factors for achieving long-term success of implant supported prostheses. Long-term failures mostly depend on biomechanical complications. It is important to distinguish the effects of macro design of the implants. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this study, the photoelastic response of four different types of implants(More)
OBJECTIVES We used dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) and periapical radiography to assess bone density differences after conventional and bone-condensing dental implant techniques. STUDY DESIGN Single-tooth dental implants were placed by both conventional and bone-condensing techniques in 14 patients with bilateral missing teeth. Dual energy x-ray(More)
Bu çalışmada, gerçek zamanda DA motorun hız denetimin sürecini etkin olarak iyileştirebilmek için PID kontrol tercih edilmiştir. Ani yük değişimlerinin motorun hız değişimine olan etkisini azaltmak için ise sabit PID kontrolü yerine, hız değişimine göre elde edilen değişken PID parametreleri kullanılmıştır. Böylece DA motorun hız kontrolü, değişen yük(More)
Fast advancements in agricultural machinery as a result of scientific and technological development have led to socio-economic and cultural improvements in rural areas. This is particularly the case in countries with limited agricultural areas as these countries have to adapt to advance agricultural technologies in order to achieve optimum yields. That’s(More)
The desire to use the settlement areas productively along with the gradually increasing population leads the increase in the number of multi-storey buildings. With the increase of multistory buildings, the need for Elevators evenly increases. In this study, a multi-purpose training elevator was designed in order to contribute the need of training personnel(More)
In this study, an irrigation system which has an adaptive control system fed from the photovoltaic panels was designed and developed. The control system was designed as an electromechanical system which photovoltaic panel follows the sun on two axes, including both azimuth angle and zenith angle. In the executed system, the tracking of the sun was performed(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this experimental study was to measure stresses both on the pterygoid plates and the skull base following two different pterygomaxillary approaches in Le Fort I osteotomy. MATERIAL AND METHODS The prepared skull models were randomly divided into 2 groups of 7. In the first group (A), the pterygomaxillary area was left intact. In(More)
The need for electric energy, which is an indispensable part of life, is increasing with each passing day in parallel to the developments in technology. However, the fact that costs rise in meeting these needs, and that damage is done to nature while energy is being obtained bring clean energy sources such as solar and wind energies to the agenda. On the(More)
Microcontrollers are commonly used in the industrial applications. For that reason, it is crucial to learn microcontroller software and using a hardware which the written software is tested. In this study, a trial and development board which a dual in-line package PIC18F4550 microcontroller could be programmed and the written programs could be tested. In(More)