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This case report defines a case of isolated oligodontia of 9 and 10 permanent teeth in 9-year-old monozygotic twin sisters and gives information about the possible genetic and environmental etiology, related dental anomalies and treatment options. The twins have a negative family history of hypodontia and oligodontia in their parents, as well as their(More)
In the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), flexible base producers typically generate large stockpiles of material exclusively for TxDOT projects. This large " state-only " inventory often maintained by producers, along with time requirements for testing and reduced manpower within TxDOT offices, resulted in this project's investigation into a(More)
A database which provides information about bacteria and their habitats in a comprehensive and normalized way is crucial for applied microbiology studies. Having this information spread through textual resources such as scientific articles and web pages leads to a need for automatically detecting bacteria and habitat entities in text, semantically tagging(More)
Abnormal hypermethylation of DNA is highly detected in many cancer types. It is accepted that the hypermethylation contributes to tumor developing by silencing the tumor suppressor genes expression. New data techniques, Illumina Infinium HumanMethylation450, gives us a wide approach about genome methylation density and location. 8 different TCGA cancer data(More)
In health organizations both in the world and in our country, novel standards have been developed and necessary operations are carried out in order to provide the security of patients and stuff and increase the quality of service in the route of technological opportunities. A well-known system of these is the “Nurse Call System”. Besides,(More)
Documentation methods of the cultural heritage sites are an important tool for monitoring and preserving monuments, structures, sites, etc. Photogrammetric documentation methods are well suited for such purposes. The photogrammetric methods include terrestrial, aerial and remote sensing techniques. Turkey owns many cultural heritage sites originating from(More)
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