Hakan M Ozörnek

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OBJECTIVE To compare the detection rate of multinucleation with the time-lapse system and conventional control timing proposed by European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) consensus and evaluate its impact on pregnancy rates. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING A private IVF center. PATIENT(S) A total of 686 embryos from 511(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the outcomes of embryos that were given a dynamic score based on a preconstructed embryo scoring model and to analyze whether this model complies with our data. MATERIAL AND METHODS A total of 910 transferred embryos with known implantation data were retrospectively analyzed in this study. All of the embryos were given a dynamic score(More)
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists in an alternate-day dosage resulted in similar clinical pregnancy rates as the daily protocol. No premature luteinization was reported in either group. Total GnRH agonist dosage in the alternate-day protocol was significantly reduced.
A prospectively controlled in vitro study was performed to compare sperm concentration, sperm motility and progressive sperm motility recovered following the standard swim-up procedure and a new CentriSwim procedure. The CentriSwim procedure involves creating a centrifugal force to counteract the force of gravity during sperm swim-up procedure. Two aliquots(More)
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