Hakan Köroglu

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In this paper the design of robust H2-estimators for the class of linear systems that depend rationally on ratebounded uncertain time-varying parameters is addressed. The uncertainties are characterized by dynamic IQCs and new LMI conditions are formulated that allow for a nontrivial extension of the estimation problem with a weighting filter at the output.(More)
The static output feedback synthesis problem is considered with H∞ and generalized H2 performance objectives. New sufficient LMI conditions are derived for guaranteeing the required performance objectives. These conditions also depend on scalar parameters that need to be fixed beforehand. The output feedback gain matrix is computed from the involved matrix(More)
The integral quadratic constraints (IQC) approach facilitates a systematic and efficient analysis of robust stability and performance<lb>for uncertain dynamical systems based on linear matrix inequality (LMI) optimization. With the intention to make the IQC analysis<lb>tools more accessible to control scientists and engineers, we present in this paper a(More)
Robust controller synthesis is considered for disturbances generated by an uncertain filter. The uncertainties are characterized by an integral quadratic constraint (IQC) with general frequency dependent multipliers. By exploiting the problem structure originating from the fact that the uncertainty enters the disturbance filter but not the plant, it is(More)