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Executing SQL over encrypted data in the database-service-provider model
Rapid advances in networking and Internet technologies have fueled the emergence of the "software as a service" model for enterprise computing. Successful examples of commercially viable softwareExpand
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Providing database as a service
We explore a novel paradigm for data management in which a third party service provider hosts "database as a service", providing its customers with seamless mechanisms to create, store, and accessExpand
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Predicting query execution time: Are optimizer cost models really unusable?
Predicting query execution time is useful in many database management issues including admission control, query scheduling, progress monitoring, and system sizing. Recently the research community hasExpand
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Efficient Execution of Aggregation Queries over Encrypted Relational Databases
Encryption is a common method to assure privacy of stored data. In many practical situations, decrypting data before applying logic compromises privacy. The challenge is to come up with logicExpand
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Intelligent management of virtualized resources for database systems in cloud environment
In a cloud computing environment, resources are shared among different clients. Intelligently managing and allocating resources among various clients is important for system providers, whose businessExpand
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ActiveSLA: a profit-oriented admission control framework for database-as-a-service providers
The system overload is a common problem in a Database-as-a-Serice (DaaS) environment because of unpredictable and bursty workloads from various clients. Due to the service delivery nature of DaaS,Expand
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"Cut me some slack": latency-aware live migration for databases
Cloud-based data management platforms often employ multitenant databases, where service providers achieve economies of scale by consolidating multiple tenants on shared servers. In such databaseExpand
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SLA-tree: a framework for efficiently supporting SLA-based decisions in cloud computing
As cloud computing becomes increasingly important in database systems, many new challenges and opportunities have arisen. One challenge is that in cloud computing, business profit plays a centralExpand
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MISO: souping up big data query processing with a multistore system
Multistore systems utilize multiple distinct data stores such as Hadoop's HDFS and an RDBMS for query processing by allowing a query to access data and computation in both stores. Current approachesExpand
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Towards Predicting Query Execution Time for Concurrent and Dynamic Database Workloads
Predicting query execution time is crucial for many database management tasks including admission control, query scheduling, and progress monitoring. While a number of recent papers have exploredExpand
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