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We have investigated recrystallization of amorphous Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) by annealing in oxygen atmosphere. Our findings show that well below the melting temperature the material transforms into a fully epitaxial layer with exceptional quality, both structural and magnetic. In ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) ultra low damping and extremely narrow(More)
Material induced inherent efficiency losses of multicrystalline silicon solar cells have been investigated across all scales from the solar cell down to the atomic structure of the responsible crystallographic defects. Material inherent efficiency losses can be attributed to local increased dark current, which is found at recombination active small angle(More)
The magnetic control of ferroelectric polarization is currently a central topic in the multiferroic researches, owing to the related gigantic magnetoelectric coupling and fascinating physics. Although a bunch of novel magnetoelectric effect have been discovered in multiferroics of magnetic origin, the manipulation of polarization was found to be(More)
—For contacting boron emitters by screen-printing metal pastes, up to now, it has been necessary to add a small amount of Al to the Ag paste to facilitate a reasonable contact resistivity. With the addition of Al to the Ag paste, deep Ag/Al spikes appear, which can be deep enough to penetrate the emitter and, therefore , affect the emitter and space charge(More)
Silicon has persevered as the primary substrate of microelectronics during last decades. During last years, it has been gradually embracing the integration of ferroelectricity and ferromagnetism. The successful incorporation of these two functionalities to silicon has delivered the desired non-volatility via charge-effects and giant magneto-resistance. On(More)
Antiferromagnetic spintronics is an emerging field; antiferromagnets can improve the functionalities of ferromagnets with higher response times, and having the information shielded against external magnetic field. Moreover, a large list of aniferromagnetic semiconductors and metals with Néel temperatures above room temperature exists. In the present(More)
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