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A generalized parametric PR-QMF design technique based on Bernstein polynomial approximation in the magnitude square domain is developed in this paper. The pa-rametric nature of this solution provides useful insights to the PR-QMF problem. Several well-known orthonormal wavelet filters, PR-QMF's, are shown to be the special cases of the proposed technique.(More)
Two new design techniques for adaptive orthogonal block transforms based on vector quantization (VQ) codebooks are presented. Both techniques start from reference vectors that are adapted to the characteristics of the signal to be coded, while using different methods to create orthogonal bases. The resulting transforms represent a signal coding tool that(More)
This paper describes a class of orthogonal binomial filters that provide a set of basis functions for a bank of perfect reconstruction (PR) finite impulse response quadrature mirror filters (FIR QMF). These binomial QMF's are shown to be the same filters as those derived from a discrete orthonormal wavelet transform approach by Daubechies. These filters are(More)
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