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Object recognition and scene classification are among the main interests in computer vision which have been investigated for long. Automatic recognition and classification of objects and scenes is an important skill to be gained by computers, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. Merging this skill with the ever increasing computing power of(More)
A perturbation algorithm using any time transformation is introduced. To account for the nonlinear dependence of the function, we exhibit the function f of the system in the differential equation. To this end, we introduce the transformation t t w f T e) , (, where f is a function that depends on t or w. The problems are solved with new time transformation:(More)
Humans and many other species rely on color for object recognition. What are the biological underpinnings of color vision and how can we computationally model human color perception? In this study we briefly summarize recent advences regarding the very early, retinal stages of color vision, as well as recent behavioral models of color perception in three(More)
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