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In this study, a web-based 3D virtual environment well known the Second Life (SL) that people can be connected from all over the world, has been introduced and investigated the benefits on the distance education (DE). In the SL 3D virtual environment, a hydroelectric power plant has been built to understand how to produce electricity, and also students can(More)
In this study, five presentations have been created and each of them has been included one presentation slide in which the same context with the different font colors and background colors. Black-White, Black-Red, White-Black, Yellow-Black, Yellow-Red as the first for the background color and the second for the font color respectively. Thirty-five students(More)
  • Hakan Aydogan
  • 2016
In this study, same amplitute sounds of sinuzoidal, square and saw tooth wave in frequencies of 100 Hz, 1 kHz and 10 kHz have been generated during 1 second. These sounds have been listened 5 times by a subject. The averaged power spectrums of the EEG which gathered from the subject have been represented in the frequencies of 0-4 Hz, 4-7 Hz ve 8-12 Hz and(More)
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