Hakan Şenaran

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After a few reports on end-to-side nerve repair at the beginning of the last century, the technique was put aside until its recent reintroduction. The authors present their results in three patients with median nerve defects that were between 15 and 22 cm long and treated using end-to-side median-to-ulnar neurorrhaphy through an epineurial window. The(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Cerebral palsy is one of the most common childhood neuromuscular diseases in the world. Spinal anaesthesia in children is an evolving technique with many advantages in perioperative management. The aim of this retrospective study was to provide first-hand reports of children with cerebral palsy who underwent orthopaedic surgery(More)
Randomized controlled clinical trial.The main purpose of the present study was to comparatively analyze the effectiveness, advantages, and the complications of using semirigid synthetic softcast with respect to plaster of Paris (POP) during the treatment of clubfoot deformity.The study group consisted of 196 babies (249 feet). A total of 133 feet treated by(More)
Calcaneal osteochondromas are rare conditions. To our knowledge, we present the first report of a calcaneal osteochondroma in an adolescent patient that was surprisingly similar to a heel spur, and, in addition, symptoms due to compression of the medial plantar nerve were present.
Extravasation of contrast agents is a possible complication of imaging studies. Although extravasations typically cause minimal swelling or erythema, they can lead to compartment syndrome when the volume of extravasation is high. In this article, we will present an exceptional case where an insignificant amount of contrast agent extravasation led to a(More)
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