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Comparison of the efficiency, side effects and complications of the synthetic dural grafts: Beriplast and Tissudura
The purpose of this study was to compare human fibrinogen-thrombin-based liquid dural graft; Beriplast® (Behring, Malburg, Germany) and collagen-based dural graft; Tissudura® (Baxter, Heidelberg,Expand
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Radiologic analysis of the location, shape and size of the external aperture of the carotid canal in children
Objectives This retrospective computed tomography (CT) study was aimed to assess the growth dynamic of the external aperture of the carotid canal (EACC) in children aged between 1 and 20 years.Expand
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Collagen peptide presenting nanofibrous scaffold for intervertebral disc regeneration
Lower back pain (LBP) is a prevalent spinal symptom at the lumbar region of the spine, which severely effects quality of life and constitutes the number one cause of occupational disability.Expand
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İnsan fetüslerinde hipoglossal kanalın bölmelenme paterni
Amac: Bu calismanin amaci, insan fetuslerinde septum veya cift hipoglossal kanal insidansini tespit etmektir. Yontem: Tip Fakultesi Anatomi Anabilim Dali envanterinde bulunan ortalama 23.36±2.63Expand
A probable extraordinary etiology of a reduntant nerve root syndrome : lomber spondylolisthesis
The description of redundant nerve root syndrome (RNRS) is known as large, elongated and tortuous nerve roots with a severe lumbar stenosis. It is considered that the cause is chronic compression ofExpand
Cerrahi olarak tedavi edilen akut epidural hematomlu hastalarda prognoz üzerine etki eden faktörler: Seksendokuz hastanın retrospektif analizi
Amac: Akut epidural hematom (AEH) kafa travmasi sonrasi  siklikla temporoparietal kemik kiriklari nedeni ile arteria meningea medianin yaralanmasi sonucu gorulmektedir. Bu calismada, kligimizde akutExpand
Spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality (SCIWORA) in an adult
et Radyografik anormalligin eslik etmedigi spinal kord hasari; radyografik olarak veya bilgisayarli tomografide omurga kirigi ya da instabilitesinin saptanmadigi travmatik myelopatiyi tarifExpand
Growth dynamic of the geniculate ganglion in children: a retrospective computed tomography study
Purpose The main aim of this retrospective computed tomography (CT) study was to examine the morphometric development of the geniculate ganglion (GG) in children aged between 1 and 18 years forExpand