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We present data on the vulnerability of a variety of candidate spacecraft electronics to proton and heavy-ion induced single-event effects and proton-induced damage. We also present data on the susceptibility of parts to functional degradation resulting from total ionizing dose at low dose rates (0.003–4.52 rads(Si)/s).
We present data on recent optocoupler in-flight anomalies and the subsequent ground test irradiation performed. Discussions of the single event mechanisms involved, transient filtering analysis, and design implications are included. Proton-induced transients were observed on higher speed optocouplers with a unique dependence on the incidence particle angle.(More)
We present results on heavy-ion and proton irradiations for commercial SiGe BiCMOS differential amplifiers: LTC6400-20 from Linear Technology and THS4304 from Texas Instruments. We found that the devices are susceptible to heavy-ion-induced SETs, with relatively low LET thresholds (LETth). The LTC6400 exhibits a LETth < 7.4 MeV•cm2/mg for(More)