Hajo Huff

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This study investigated the bacterial inactivation/sterilization effects of a new atmospheric plasma source, which is a brush-shaped argon glow discharge created under 1 atm pressure. Such an atmospheric plasma brush requires extremely low power of less than 20 W to operate; and therefore is essentially a low-temperature discharge as confirmed by gas-phase(More)
Okara is the insoluble byproduct of soymilk and tofu manufactures. It is cheap, high in nutrients, and possesses great potential to be applied to functional human foods. In this study, a puffed okara/rice cake product was developed with blends of okara pellets and parboiled rice. Consumer preference and acceptance tests were conducted for the product. Okara(More)
High moisture extrusion has been used to produce vegetable meat analogues that resemble real animal meat and can provide significant health benefits. Since visual and textural properties are key factors for consumer acceptance, assessing fiber formation in the extruded products is important for quality control purpose. Recently, we developed a(More)
  • Layla Monajemi, PISTON ROTARY, +7 authors Hajo Huff
  • 2004
The performance of a compressor changes during its lifetime, depending on various parameters such as operating conditions, type of the compressor, working fluid and type of the oil being used. Most performance degradation of the compressor is due to wear on the moving mechanical parts inside the compression vessel. Wear develops on the contact point(s) or(More)
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