Hajime Takatsuka

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Takatsuka, Hajime, and Zeng, Dao-Zhi—Trade liberalization and welfare: Differentiated-good versus homogeneous-good markets In this paper, we examine the effects of liberalization on industrial location and national welfare in a framework of new economic geography. Specifically, we explicitly incorporate arbitrary trade costs in both differentiated-good and(More)
We show that spatial inequalities in an economic space of multiple countries in terms of both nominal income and real income are ubiquitous in the sense that they appear when countries are differentiated by population only. A new trade theory model is constructed without any freely traded homogeneous good, so that we can examine the home market effect (HME)(More)
A type of optimal investment problem can be regarded as an optimal stopping problem in the field of applied stochastic analysis. This study derives the existence conditions of the optimal stopping time when the stochastic process is a geometric Brownian motion or an arithmetic Brownian motion. The conditions concern the intrinsic value function and are(More)
This paper describes an inexpensive, fully automatic measuring system to specify frequency characteristics of op-amps. It includes the IEEE-488 standard bus interface, and is capable of an on-line data entry to a shared host computer with the aid of an originally developed bus controller.
In this paper, we develop an endogenous growth model with two countries in which the international trade of di¤erentiated goods requires different trade costs and equilibrium wages in the two countries. If the labor productivity in one country’s agricultural sector is higher than that of the other country, the wages will also be higher. In this model, there(More)
Existing intra-industry models with two countries and inelastic labor supply show that a larger country has a higher wage/income and higher welfare. We reexamine these outcomes by use of a model with endogenous labor supply. We show that each outcome in existing models can be reversed as well as that the larger country may have less-than-proportionate share(More)
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