Hajime Sugimori

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The modification by magnesium of the excitatory effect of oxytocin (10(-5)-10(-2) U/mL) on electrical and mechanical activities of pregnant human myometrium was examined. The excitatory effect of oxytocin was enhanced by external magnesium, and the dose-response curve between oxytocin and relative tension in the presence of 118 mM potassium in tiny muscle(More)
To clarify the functional changes in the acoustic conduction pathway in the human immediately after birth, auditory brainstem responses (ABR) in 58 normal neonates were examined. In longitudinal and cross-sectional analysis, the peak latency of wave 1 showed significant shortening (p less than 0.05) from 1.82 +/- 0.23 ms (mean +/- SD) at 30 min after birth(More)
A new periodogram was proposed using one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), termed ANOVA periodogram, in order to reveal a precise significant periodicity. Thirty 3-day complex computer-simulated time series with known periodicity (24 h) and three 2-h data-missing occurring periodically (23 h, 20 min) were used to compare the ANOVA periodogram with Enright's(More)
OBJECTIVE The physiologic roles of nonphasic firing oxytocin neurons in the paraventricular nucleus of female rats throughout pregnancy and parturition was studied from the viewpoint of changes in the membrane activities. STUDY DESIGN Thin colonal hypothalamic slices containing the paraventricular nucleus were prepared. Immunohistochemical studies of(More)
Spontaneous intracellular electrical activity and contraction of pregnant human myometrium were recorded by the single sucrose-gap method, and the effects of oxytocin on the muscle were studied. In pregnant human myometrium at term, both plateau and spike types of action potentials were observed. All contractions were well synchronized with each action(More)
Receptors of oxytocin were found to occur in the membrane fraction obtained from longitudinal muscle of pregnant rat uterus. The affinity of the membrane receptor for oxytocin increased through an increase in the association rate and a decrease in the dissociation rate during gestation. The membrane oxytocin receptor concentrations rose almost three-fold(More)
Changes in responsiveness of freshly isolated longitudinal muscle cells from rat uterus to oxytocin during gestation were investigated through measuring contractility as well as intracellular free calcium concentration. We have demonstrated the pregnant stage-dependent contraction of freshly isolated myometrial cells in response to an extracellular hormone,(More)
We devised a new analysis using quartile deviation of integrated and subtracted fluctuation, termed QIS-A, to determine a fractal dimension of non-stationary fluctuation. In the algorithm, computations of the quartile deviation, Q(n), of all integrated and subtracted fluctuations are repeated over all scales (n). The fractal scaling exponent is determined(More)
The dynamics of fractal structures of heart rate (HR) fluctuations in successive rapid eye movement sleeps (REMS) was investigated in a healthy male. Fractal analysis using a purposely-devised method was carried out at 10-min time series of HR, which were being recorded simultaneously by an electroencephalogram at night. Scaling relationships showed three(More)
The objective of the present study was to analyze fractal structures of adult heart rate (HR) variability during a nap. Fractal analysis was carried out in one case over consecutive 10-min time series of HR, which were simultaneously recorded with electroencephalogram. Scaling relationships showed cross-over patterns characterized by alphas and alphal (i.e.(More)