Hajime Shimada

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Recent mobile processors are required to exhibit both low-energy consumption and high performance. To satisfy these requirements, dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) is currently employed. However, its effectiveness will be limited in the future because of shrinking the variable supply voltage range. As an alternative, we previously proposed pipeline stage(More)
In contrast to conventional cyber attacks such as mass infection malware, targeted attacks take a long time to complete their mission. By using a dedicated malware for evading detection at the initial attack, an attacker quietly succeeds in setting up a front-line base in the target organization. Communication between the attacker and the base adopts(More)
To date, 11 loss of function mutations in the human urate transporter 1 (hURAT1) gene have been identified in subjects with idiopathic renal hypouricemia. In the present studies we investigated the clinical features and the mutations in the hURAT1 gene in seven families with presecretory reabsorption defect-type renal hypouricemia and in one family with the(More)
To reduce the power consumption in mobile processors, a method called Pipeline Stage Unification (PSU) is previously designed to work as an alternative for Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS). Based on PSU, we proposed two mechanisms which dynamically predict a suitable unification degree according to the knowledge of the program behaviors. Our results show that(More)
Recently, a method known as pipeline stage unification (PSU) has been proposed to alleviate the increasing energy consumption problem in modern microprocessors. PSU achieves a high energy efficiency by employing a changeable pipeline depth and its working scheme is eligible for a fine control method. In this paper, we propose a dynamic method to study(More)
The kinetics of sulfate uptake were studied in basolateral membrane vesicles from rat renal cortex. Sulfate uptake exhibits a DIDS-sensitive, saturable component, and a DIDS-insensitive component, which does not saturate in the tested sulfate concentration range (up to 10 mM). Intravesicular (= trans) sulfate strongly stimulates sulfate uptake by(More)
This paper presents a mixed-grained reconfigurable VLSI array architecture that can cover mission-critical applications to consumer products through C-to-array application mapping. A proof-of-concept VLSI chip was fabricated in 65nm process. Measurement results show that applications on the chip can be working in a harsh radiation environment. Irradiation(More)
Increase of malware and advanced cyber-attacks are now becoming a serious problem. Unknown malware which has not determined by security vendors is often used in these attacks, and it is becoming difficult to protect terminals from their infection. Therefore, a countermeasure for after infection is required. There are some malware infection detection methods(More)
Recently, the sophistication of targeted cyber attacks makes conventional countermeasures useless to defend our network. Proper network design, i.e., Moderate segmentation and adequate access control, is one of the most effective countermeasures to prevent stealth activities of the attacks inside the network. By paying attention to the violation of the(More)