Hajime Saito

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1. The dorsal part of medial superior temporal area (MST) has two unique types of visually responsive cells: 1) expansion/contraction cells, which selectively respond to either an expansion or a contraction; and 2) rotation cells, which selectively respond to either a clockwise or a counterclockwise rotation. In addition to selectivity for the mode of(More)
We investigated and identified postmortem changes on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain to provide accurate diagnostic guidelines. Our subjects were 16 deceased patients (mean age 57 years) who underwent postmortem computed tomography (CT), MRI, and autopsy, the latter of which showed no abnormalities in the brain. The subjects underwent CT and(More)
Cancer cells reportedly produce C-reactive protein (CRP) locally within tumors. The aim of this study was to determine whether tumoral CRP is associated with clinical outcome and recurrence in thoracic esophageal squamous cell cancer. The subjects included 73 Japanese patients with thoracic esophageal squamous cell cancer (pathological Stage IIA–IV) that(More)
  • H A Saito
  • The Journal of comparative neurology
  • 1983
Retinal ganglion cells of the cat have been classified physiologically into X-, Y-, and W-cells on the basis of the receptive field properties, and morphologically into alpha-, beta-, and gamma-cells. In order to study directly the correspondence between these classifications, intracellular recordings from the ganglion cells in superfused eye-cup(More)
The transendothelial migration of neutrophils is a critical step in acute inflammation, which we previously showed to be regulated by endothelial myosin light chain (MLC) kinase. Recent studies suggest that Rho and Rho kinase are also key mediators of MLC phosphorylation, but their roles in neutrophil migration have not been investigated. In the present(More)
Buruli ulcer is an emerging chronic painless skin disease found in the tropics and caused by Mycobacterium ulcerans; however, it remains unknown why the large and deep ulcers associated with this disease remain painless. To answer this question, we examined the pathology of BALB/c mice inoculated in the footpads with M. ulcerans African strain 97-107. On(More)
UNLABELLED The relation between CXCR4 expression and the clinicopathological characteristics of lung cancer and patient prognosis is not well understood and remains controversial. We therefore investigated the relationship between CXCR4 expression and prognosis in patients with adenocarcinoma of the lung. METHODS We used semi-quantitative real time(More)
This paper studies the balance of a humanoid robot carrying a heavy object. Without knowing the mass and the position of the center of gravity of the object, the humanoid robot carries a heavy object stably by using the force sensor information attached at the wrists and the ankles. We first show how to generate the motion of a humamoid robot by taking the(More)
A novel, non-pigmented, slow-growing mycobacterium was identified on the basis of biochemical and nucleic acid analyses, as well as growth characteristics. Three isolates were cultured from clinical samples (two from sputum and one from pus in lymph nodes) obtained from three immunocompetent patients with infections. Bacterial growth occurred at 28-42(More)
This study investigated the actual rate or extent of lymph node metastasis or the survival outcomes among patients that underwent esophagectomy with lymph node dissection after ESD for clinical mucosal, but pathological submucosal, esophageal cancer. Seventeen patients that received esophagectomy with two- or three-field lymph node dissection as additional(More)