Hajime Muto

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We report an autopsy case of a man who suffered accidental chemical burns following exposure to 60% hydrofluoric acid. The extent of the burns covered about 30% of his body surface, and cardiopulmonary arrest occurred about 30min after the exposure. At autopsy, the skin of the affected area showed greenish gray or black coloring with thin circumferential(More)
Grain dust and other irritants affect the airway of allergic patients in rice-growing area during the harvest. The aim of this study was to elucidate the mechanism of airway hypersensitivity in rice-growing areas during the harvest. Firstly, the effect of rice-husk dust on eosinophil activation was studied. Secondary, the concentration of(More)
BACKGROUND The refusal of infants to suckle from a breast that is inflamed with mastitis suggests that the taste of the milk has changed. However, the taste of milk from a breast with mastitis has never been empirically determined. The present study compares the taste of milk from breastfeeding mothers with or without mastitis and identifies specific(More)
Pleurocybella porrigens related encephalopathy exhibits consciousness disturbance and convulsion in the patients after taking and patients show bilateral basal ganglia lesion resulted in high mortality rate. This encephalopathy is a very similar to the moldy sugarcane encephalopathy epidemic in China in the past. We investigated the relationship between(More)
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