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Keloid is a clinically intractable disease that causes disfigurement, itching, and pain due to abnormal proliferation of fibroblasts and production of collagen. Pirfenidone is a novel anti-fibrotic agent that inhibits the progression of fibrosis occurring in the keloid lesions of the lung and kidney. In order to examine whether pirfenidone has a therapeutic(More)
A genomic DNA library of Bifidobacterium longum ATCC15707 was transfected into an Escherichia coli strain deficient in both HU and IHF, the growth of which is cold-sensitive because of the deficiency in these proteins. Cold-resistant colonies were selected and the DNA was cloned and sequenced. A polypeptide consisted of 93 amino acids, a predicted molecular(More)
The ABLS course sponsored by the ABA has not yet been made available in Japan, although it is strongly desired. During the 3 years between 2006 and 2008, authorized ABLS provider courses were given once a year in Japan as part of preparations to reach an agreement between the ABA and the JSBI for the continuation of ABLS provider courses in Japan. These(More)
Dirac and Ore-type degree conditions are given for a bipartite graph to contain vertex disjoint cycles each of which contains a previously specified edge. This solves a conjecture of Wang in [6]. In this paper, we only consider finite undirected graphs without loops and multiple edges. For a vertex x of a graph G, the neighborhood of x in G is denoted by(More)
Participatory sensing produces incomplete sensor data. Thus, we have to fill in the gaps of any missing values in the sensor data in order to provide sensor-based services. We propose a method to estimate a missing value of incomplete sensor data. It accurately estimates a missing value by repeating two processes: selecting sensors locally correlated with(More)
Hypertrophic scarring occurs after deep dermal wounds. Our understanding of the etiology is poor; one reason is the lack of an animal model. In 1972, Silverstein described scarring in the Duroc pig but the model was never confirmed nor disproved. Another reason, as we previously suggested, is that hypertrophic scarring only occurs within regions of human(More)
Reducing pain caused by the removal of adhesive wound dressing materials is very important in clinical practice and is also one of the factors to consider when choosing dressing materials. A visual analogue scale is the most popular method for assessing pain, but it is subjective and is difficult to evaluate quantitatively or statistically. Recently, a new(More)
The preservation of healthy tissue during surgical debridement is desirable as this may improve clinical outcomes. This study has estimated for the first time the amount of tissue lost during debridement using the VERSAJET system of tangential hydrosurgery. A multicenter, prospective case series was carried out on 47 patients with mixed wound types: 21(More)
BACKGROUND In the 1970s, Green et al. developed a method that involved culturing keratinocyte sheets and used for treatment of burns. Since then, the take rate of cultured epidermal autograft (CEA) onto fascia, granulation tissue, or allografts has been extensively reported, while that on an artificial dermis in a large case series is not. Moreover, the(More)
BACKGROUND Multidetector-row computed tomography (MDCT) has been recently introduced to detect the perforator vessels. The aim of this study is to compare the MDCT with Doppler ultrasound and assess the usefulness of the MDCT for the preoperative planning. METHODS Five healthy adult men were first assessed for the perforators and marked with rubber using(More)