Hajime Matsue

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Oligogalacturonides [oligomers composed of (1-->4)-linked alpha-D-galactosyluronic acid residues] with degrees of polymerization (DP) from 1 to 10, and a tri-, penta-, and heptasaccharide generated from the backbone of rhamnogalacturonan I (RG-I) were labeled at their reducing ends using aqueous 2-aminobenzamide (2AB) in the presence of sodium(More)
Cultured porcine hepatocytes with reasonable metabolic functions are a promising bioreactor for a hybrid artificial liver in the treatment of liver failure. A cytotoxic human serum (t-serum) against cultured porcine hepatocytes was accidentally discovered during preliminary experiments, however, which prompted the authors to study the mechanism of the(More)
Ultrasonographic features of tumor nodules in 64 patients with hepatocellular carcinoma and 87 with metastatic liver cancer were analyzed for differential diagnosis. Sonographic characteristics of hepatocellular carcinoma were the mosaic, posterior echo enhancement, and lateral shadow patterns, which were rarely observed in metastatic liver cancers. Small(More)
A cysteine-rich polypeptide, termed CRP1, with a molecular mass of 5829 Da was found to occur in the mid-gut gland of the scallop Patinopecten yessoensis. CRP1 was purified by reverse phase and cation-exchange chromatographies. The amino acid sequence of CRP1 was deduced from its N-terminal amino acid sequence, amino acid composition and the sequence of a(More)
Squid ink, which has little commercial use and is usually discarded, was extracted using a Tris-HCl buffer (pH 6.8). The extract was fractionated using DEAE Sephacel ion-exchange chromatography and Sephacryl S-300 gel filtration to give a peptidoglycan fraction which exhibited strong antitumor activity against Meth-A fibrosarcoma in BALB/c mice following(More)
OBJECTIVES Left atrial (LA) dimension can predict atrial fibrillation (AF) recurrence after catheter-based or surgical ablation. Pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) may be a surgical option during aortic valve replacement (AVR) and/or coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), though consensus regarding patient selection and late outcome is lacking. METHODS We(More)
We describe a simple reproducible method for chordal replacement using expanded polytetrafluoroethylene sutures during a mitral valve repair. With this technique, fine length adjustments of the new chordae are easy to make and it is possible to tie the two ends of the suture securely without slippage.
The value of the routine pharmacologically-aided double-contrast examination of the upper gastrointestinal tract in demonstrating superficial gastric erosions was assessed. Ten cases of erosive gastritis were diagnosed during a six-month period. It appears that erosive gastritis is more common than generally believed. Diagnosis requires relaxation of the(More)
Splenic infarction was recognized in five of 37 patients who had hepatic neoplasms and who were being examined after transcatheter hepatic arterial embolization by CT during a follow-up study. CT images of the spleen showed multiple low density areas of a wedge or fused-wedge shape in most patients and of a rod or round shape in others. These low density(More)
Tyrosinase (monophenol, L-DOPA:oxygen oxidoreductase) was isolated from the ink of the squid, Illex argentinus. Squid tyrosinase, termed ST94, was found to occur as a covalently linked homodimeric protein with a molecular mass of 140.2 kDa containing two copper atoms per a subunit. The tyrosinase activity of ST94 was enhanced by proteolysis with trypsin to(More)