Hajime Kimura

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Proteomic profiling on Ecklonia cava Kjellman grown under various seawater temperatures was conducted to search for biomarkers that were useful to evaluate the health of the colonies and formulate actions for the maintenance of marine forests. In the cultivated strains, protein expression was not significantly changed when the cultivation temperature was(More)
This paper presents an automatic design method for piping arrangement. A pipe arrangement design problem is proposed for a space in which many pipes and objects co-exist. This problem includes large-scale numerical optimization and combinatorial optimization problems, as well as two criteria. For these reasons, it is difficult to optimize the problem using(More)
We propose an algorithm eciently implementing TD() using (the innite tree of) Haar basis functions. The algorithm can maintain and update the information of the innite tree of coecients in its nitely compressed form by taking advantage of the fact that the information obtained from nite training data is nite. Our algorithm computes the whole updating at(More)
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