Hajime Ichikawa

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to characterize the optimal reconstruction parameters for ordered-subset expectation maximization (OSEM) with attenuation correction, scatter correction, and depth-dependent resolution recovery (OSEMACSCRR). We assessed the optimal parameters for OSEMACSCRR in an anthropomorphic torso phantom study, and evaluated the(More)
Organic valve disease has been considered an absolute contraindication for acceptance as a donor heart. However, the severe shortage of donor hearts has prompted the use of marginally acceptable hearts to maximize the use of donor hearts. This report concerns a patient with repeated left ventricular assist system complications who underwent successful heart(More)
Human heterotaxy syndrome is characterized by a wide variety of cardiac and extracardiac congenital malformations that are primarily induced by disorders of the left-right axis determination during early embryonic development. The cellular and molecular mechanisms of the left-right asymmetry have been extensively investigated in the past decade and the(More)
OBJECTIVE The development of right ventricular dysfunction has become a common problem after surgical repair of complex congenital heart disease. A recent study reported that tissue-engineered skeletal myoblast sheet transplantation improves left ventricular function in patients with dilated and ischemic cardiomyopathy. Therefore myoblast sheet(More)
The goal of the study was to examine if allogenic mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) transplantation is a useful therapy for acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Buffer (control; group C, n=41), MSCs of male ACI rats (allogenic; group A, n=38, 5 x 10(6)), or MSCs of male LEW rats (syngenic; group S, n=40, 5 x 10(6)) were injected into the scar 15 min after(More)
BACKGROUND The most appropriate valve substitute at aortic valve replacement (AVR) for young female adult patients wanting to have children is unclear. METHODSANDRESULTS Between 1992 and 2013, 12 consecutive female patients aged >18 (median, 22.5 years; range, 18-34 years) underwent Ross operation (Ross group). Between 1984 and 2013, 9 consecutive female(More)
OBJECTIVE Biodegradable materials with autologous cell seeding have attracted much interest as potential cardiovascular grafts. However, pretreatment of these materials requires a complicated and invasive procedure that carries the risk of infection. To avoid these problems, we sought to develop a biodegradable graft material containing collagen microsponge(More)
Our 15-year experience of the Toyobo paracorporeal left ventricular assist system (LVAS) at Osaka University Hospital was reviewed. In total, 61 patients underwent Toyobo LVAS implantation from January 1992 to August 2007. Their mean age was 38.1 +/- 16.9 years. The etiologies of heart failure were idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy in 35 patients, ischemic(More)
One of the complications associated with use of implantable left ventricular assist systems for long-term support is compression or obstruction of abdominal viscera by the implanted device. This report concerns a patient with obstruction of the duodenum caused by an intra-abdominally placed Novacor left ventricular assist system. The compression of the(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) can result in functional improvement and reduced mortality in patients with medically refractory heart failure. Although CRT is reportedly effective in patients with congenital heart disease (CHD), it is still controversial in patients who have systemic right ventricle. METHODS AND RESULTS: Twenty CHD(More)