Hajar Mozaffar

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BACKGROUND ePrescribing systems have considerable potential for improving healthcare quality and safety. With growing expectations about the benefits of such systems, there is evidence of widespread plans to implement these systems in hospitals in England where hitherto they have had a low uptake. Given the international drive away from developing(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the evolving market of commercial off-the-shelf Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) and Computerized Decision Support (CDS) applications and its effects on their uptake and implementation in English hospitals. METHODS Although CPOE and CDS vendors have been quick to enter the English market, uptake has been slow and uneven.(More)
Today, user training and adoption is one of the greatest hassles faced by companies implementing ERP. In case of inappropriate training program, users fail to appreciate the consequences of their actions. Hence, practices that worked fine in the era of standalone systems can have catastrophic effects on integrated ERP environments. Consequently appropriate(More)
BACKGROUND Implementation delays are common in health information technology (HIT) projects. In this paper, we sought to explore the reasons for delays in implementing major hospital-based HIT, through studying computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and clinical decision support (CDS) systems for prescribing and to develop a provisional taxonomy of(More)
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