Hajar Bagheri

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Monitoring animal populations in benthic habitats is essential to detecting changes in the local ocean environment and marine ecosystem. Images of animals on the seafloor are obtained by drop-cameras or digital still-cameras mounted on Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Population statistics have a wide range of applications in the fishery industry,(More)
The effect of the exocyclic conjugation, via d-p orbital interaction and/or negative hyperconjugation (anomeric effect) of the N-S bond, on the inversion of the morpholine ring in some N-arylsulfonyl morpholines is studied by variable-temperature (1)H NMR spectroscopy in different solvents. The observed free energy barriers are 9.2-10.3 kcal mol(-1); the(More)
In this paper, imperialist competitive algorithm as a computational method is implemented in MATLAB software to estimate monthly average daily global solar radiation on horizontal surface for some different climate cities of Iran. The experimental coefficients for Angstrom model have been calculated using imperialist competitive algorithm for all different(More)
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