Hajar Atrianfar

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This paper deals with the average consensus problem in a multi-agent system with switching interaction topology modeled as a weighted digraph. The convergence analysis is performed in both discrete-time and continuous-time dynamics based on the theory of infinite matrix products. Conditions for system convergence to average consensus are derived in the form(More)
This paper investigates formation problem of multiple thrust-propelled vehicles (TPVs) under switching interaction topologies and communication delays. In the presence of time-varying disturbances, we introduce a controller guaranteeing that all vehicles in a team construct a pre-specified formation from any initial states. To tackle the translational and(More)
This paper presents a novel asynchronous algorithm for consensus problem of a class of nonlinear continuous-timemulti-agent systems with discontinuous information transmission between agents. The communication topology among the agents is switching and agents receive information in discrete time instants with a bounded nonuniform time delay. Using feedback(More)
In this paper, we present sufficient conditions to address a larger class of digraphs, including balanced ones, whose members' Laplacian (L) makes L<sub>1</sub>L + L<sup>T</sup>L<sub>1</sub> to be positive semi-definite, where L<sub>1</sub> is the Laplacian associated with a fully connected equally-edged weighted graphs. This property can be later utilized(More)
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