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P68 RNA helicase is a prototypical DEAD box RNA helicase. The protein plays a very important role in early organ development and maturation. Consistent with the function of the protein in transcriptional regulation and pre-mRNA splicing, p68 was found to predominately localize in the cell nucleus. However, recent experiments demonstrate a transient(More)
p68 RNA helicase is a prototypical RNA helicase. Here we present evidence to show that, by interacting with Ca-calmodulin, p68 has a role in cancer metastasis and cell migration. A peptide fragment that spans the IQ motif of p68 strongly inhibits cancer metastasis in two different animal models. The peptide interrupts p68 and Ca-calmodulin interaction and(More)
C-Phycocyanin (C-PC) from blue-green algae has been reported to have various pharmacological characteristics, including anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities. In this study, the β-subunit of C-PC (ref to as C-PC/β) was expressed and purified from bacteria E. coli BL-21. The recombinant C-PC/β has been demonstrated to have anticancer properties. Under(More)
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