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TRAIL (Apo2L) is a potent inducer of cell death. Interest in TRAIL has increased, following the observation that TRAIL can selectively kill a wide variety of human cancer cells without killing normal cells both in vitro and when grown as xenografts. Therefore, TRAIL has been proposed as a promising anticancer agent and currently is being tested in clinical(More)
Since the introduction of "TCP for congestion control in computer networks", this concept has been widely used in wired networks. TCP congestion control has its different variants in various types of networks. Many other protocols are also introduced, which are derived from "TCP Congestion Control" concept for wired networks. TCP congestion control is(More)
The Small Sample Size problem always arises when Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) is used in face recognition. Direct LDA(D-LDA) is a method to solve this problem by firstly whitening the between-class scatter Sb and then diagonalizing the within-class scatter Sw, but the discriminative information in the null space of Sw is always lost indirectly. To(More)
  • Haizhen Wang
  • 2012
Group disruptions are very prevalent in practice, yet only little research examines them. We extended the literature on group disruption by exploring its antecedents and consequents. We proposed both perception of guanxi (a Chinese indigenous variable) and perceived organizational politics (an external environmental factor) played roles in group disruption(More)
Lacking of effective customer knowledge management and knowledge management process optimization from business practice, corporate customer knowledge management strategy and information management system based on IT have not achieved expected performance. In order to further explore how customer knowledge management process influence customer knowledge(More)
Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are in limited numbers and heterogeneous, making their detection, isolation, and enumeration a major challenge. To overcome these difficulties, we developed a novel method to detect and enumerate CTCs with invasive property. Our assay consists of three simple steps: enrichment, Matrigel invasion assay, and immunostaining. We(More)
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