Haizhao Liang

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This paper is to investigate the coordinated attitude control problem for flexible spacecraft formations. Considering the attitude maneuver control problem of a formation composed of flexible spacecraft, two classes of decentralized attitude coordination control laws using behavior-based control approach are proposed. The first class of controllers can(More)
A fuzzy logic controller is designed for the attitude control of a staring-imaging satellite in LEO. The attitude kinematic and dynamic equations based-on Euler-Angle representations are developed; then, a FLC (Fuzzy Logic Control) law is designed for a staring-imaging satellite; finally, the simulations are performed. Comparing with traditional control(More)
Control of relative position and orientation are usually split into two parts in rendezvous and docking missions. It is simple but not precise enough. Based on dual number, this paper derives coupled dynamics equations of two spacecrafts in which the coupling effect of relative position and orientation is indicated. Furthermore, an incremental PID control(More)
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