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There are a lot of difficulties in the ontology generation from relational database such as unclear generation approaches, un-unified ontology languages and so on. So in order to provide unified ontology and improve the quality of ontology generation, approach proposed in this paper firstly extracts database metadata information from relational database(More)
Success of the Semantic Web depends on mass creation of computer understandable data. Ontology plays more and more important role in creating such semantic data on the Semantic Web. Now there are tools used to generate ontology from legacy database, but it is to some extent difficult for domain expert to understand the meaning between these tools, such as(More)
Ontologies play an important role in solving the problem of semantic heterogeneity of heterogeneous data sources. The ontology acquisition from the relational database is one of the fundamental technologies on the information integration field. Ontology acquisition from relational database (OARDB) and transformation rules used are presented and discussed.(More)
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