Haiyun Ling

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The small GTPase RhoA serves as a nodal point for signaling through hormones and mechanical stretch. However, the role of RhoA signaling in cardiac pathophysiology is poorly understood. To address this issue, we generated mice with cardiomyocyte-specific conditional expression of low levels of activated RhoA (CA-RhoA mice) and demonstrated that they(More)
There are a lot of difficulties in the ontology generation from relational database such as unclear generation approaches, un-unified ontology languages and so on. So in order to provide unified ontology and improve the quality of ontology generation, approach proposed in this paper firstly extracts database metadata information from relational database(More)
Ontologies play an important role in solving the problem of semantic heterogeneity of heterogeneous data sources. The ontology acquisition from the relational database is one of the fundamental technologies on the information integration field. Ontology acquisition from relational database (OARDB) and transformation rules used are presented and discussed.(More)
—In this paper we present an approach of RDF graph generation from relational databases. This approach consists of structures creation of ontology including classes, properties, hierarchy, cardinality and instances creation. This approach not only saves efforts in developing the Semantic Web but also makes an amount of data in relational databases machine(More)
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