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In this work, we present a new optical routing framework, <i>O-Router</i> for future low-power on-chip optical interconnect integration utilizing silicon compatible nano-photonic devices. We formulate the optical layer routing problem as the minimization of total on-chip optical modulator cost (laser power consumption) with Integer Linear Programming(More)
The rapidly increasing global demand for energy combined with the environmental impact of fossil fuels has spurred the search for alternative sources of clean energy. One promising approach is to convert solar energy into hydrogen fuel using photoelectrochemical cells. However, the semiconducting photoelectrodes used in these cells typically have low(More)
In this paper, we presented fabrication of nickel based metal mold with 45 degrees tilted surfaces on both ends of the channel waveguide through electroplating process. To obtain a precise 45 degrees tilted angle, a 50microm thick SU-8 layer was UV exposed under de-ionized water, with repeatable error control of 0.5 degrees . The polymeric waveguide array(More)
Breast cancer accounted for 15 per cent of total cancer deaths in female patients in 2010. Although significant progress has been made in treating early-stage breast cancer patients, there is still no effective therapy targeting late-stage metastatic breast cancers except for the conventional chemotherapy interventions. Until effective therapy for(More)
Miniaturized helix antennas are integrated with drug reservoirs to function as RFID wireless tag sensors for real-time drug dosage monitoring. The general design procedure of this type of biomedical antenna sensors is proposed based on electromagnetic theory and finite element simulation. A cost effective fabrication process is utilized to encapsulate the(More)
A dual band electrically small folded ellipsoidal helix antenna (EHA) is designed for the wireless data communication and wireless power transferring functions of an artificial cardiac pacemaker. In this design, a spatially non-uniform pitch ellipsoidal helix structure is used to tune the dual resonant frequencies to the desired bands at 900 MHz and 2.4(More)
Autonomous liquid-volume monitoring is crucial in ubiquitous healthcare. However, conventional approach is based on either human visual observation or expensive detectors, which are costly for future pervasive monitoring. Here we introduce a novel approach based on passive harmonic transponder antenna sensor and frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)(More)
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