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Edge detection has been widely used in medical image processing, automatic diagnosis, et al. A novel edge detection algorithm, based on the fusion model, is proposed by combination with the two proposed models as follows: the matrix of most probable distribution of edge point and the matrix of the difference weight of each point. The most probable(More)
Edge detection is a long standing but still challenging problem. Although there are many effective edge detectors, none of them can obtain ideal edges in every situation. To make the results robust for any image, we propose a new edge detection algorithm based on a two-level fusion model that combines several typical edge detectors together with new(More)
Cisplatin is the most potent and widespread used chemotherapy drug for lung cancer treatment. However, the development of resistance to cisplatin is a major obstacle in clinical therapy. The principal mechanism of cisplatin is the induction of DNA damage, thus the capability of DNA damage response (DDR) is a key factor that influences the cisplatin(More)
MicroRNA-194 (miR-194), a typical p53 responsive miRNA, serves as a tumor suppressor similar as p53, and has been demonstrated to play an anti-proliferation role in various human cancers. In spite of the pivotal role of p53 during aging process, the knowledge of miR-194's contribution to cellular senescence is limited. We herein sought to explore the role(More)
For Canadian Arctic indigenous populations, marine mammal (MM) traditional foods (TFs) represent sources of both important nutrients and hazardous environmental contaminants. Food preparation is known to impact the nutrient and environmental contaminant content of processed items, yet the impacts of preparation on indigenous Arctic MM TFs remain poorly(More)
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