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The capacity to fix nitrogen is widely distributed in phyla of Bacteria and Archaea but has long been considered to be absent from the Pseudomonas genus. We report here the complete genome sequencing of nitrogen-fixing root-associated Pseudomonas stutzeri A1501. The genome consists of a single circular chromosome with 4,567,418 bp. Comparative genomics(More)
Climate change has caused advances in spring phases of many plant species. Theoretically, however, strong warming in winter could slow the fulfillment of chilling requirements, which may delay spring phenology. This phenomenon should be particularly pronounced in regions that are experiencing rapid temperature increases and are characterized by highly(More)
We present here the analysis of the whole-genome sequence of Pseudomonas stutzeri strain DSM4166, a diazotrophic isolate from the rhizosphere of a Sorghum nutans cultivar. To our knowledge, this is the second genome to be sequenced for P. stutzeri. The availability and analysis of the genome provide insight into the evolution of the nitrogen fixation(More)
BACKGROUND Mean duration of recent infection (MDRI) and misclassification of long-term HIV-1 infections, as proportion false recent (PFR), are critical parameters for laboratory-based assays for estimating HIV-1 incidence. Recent review of the data by us and others indicated that MDRI of LAg-Avidity EIA estimated previously required recalibration. We(More)
Natural bone growth greatly depends on the precedent vascular network that supplies oxygen and essential nutrients and removes metabolites. Likewise, it is crucial for tissue-engineered bone to establish a vascular network that temporally precedes new bone formation, and spatially originates from within the graft. In order to recapitulate physiological(More)
The genomes of positive-strand RNA viruses strongly resemble cellular mRNAs. However, besides operating as a messenger to generate the virus-encoded proteins, the viral RNA serves also as a template during replication. A central issue of the viral life cycle, the coordination of protein and RNA synthesis, is yet poorly understood. Examining bovine viral(More)
BACKGROUND Monitoring vegetation dynamics and their responses to climate change has been the subject of considerable research. This paper aims to detect change trends in grassland activity on the Tibetan Plateau between 1982 and 2006 and relate these to changes in climate. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Grassland activity was analyzed by evaluating(More)
In addition to a biocompatible scaffold and an osteogenic cell population, tissue-engineered bone requires an appropriate vascular bed to overcome the obstacle of nutrient and oxygen transport in the 3D structure. We hypothesized that the addition of endothelial cells (ECs) may improve osteogenesis and prevent necrosis of engineered bone via effective(More)
Retrovirus-mediated sFlt-1 gene modification was performed to examine the influence of VEGF in controlling the growth of an experimental osteosarcoma in mice. Human osteosarcoma G-292 cells were in vitro infected with retroviral vectors encoding soluble Flt-1 or LacZ gene before transplanted into proximal tibiae of immune deficient SCID mice to establish(More)
Acinetobacter calcoaceticus PHEA-2 exhibited a delayed utilization of phenol in the presence of benzoate. Benzoate supplementation completely inhibited phenol degradation in a benzoate 1,2-dioxygenase knockout mutant. The mphR encoding the transcriptional activator and mphN encoding the largest subunit of multi-component phenol hydroxylase in the benA(More)