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BACKGROUND Peritoneal dialysis has been proven to be a safe and effective mode of renal replacement therapy for patients with end-stage renal disease. The usage of laparoscopic catheter placement technique was increased in recent years. But the advantages and disadvantages between the laparoscopic catheter placement technique and open laparotomy technique(More)
Insurance systems are now in a new era of intense competition with the rapidly economic development in our country. But many Insurance companies have no ability to mining and analyzing the information from the mass customers’ data and to make full use of them to make profit for the companies. Data mining technology can improve the levels of(More)
Insurance industry contributes largely to the economy therefore risk management in this industry is very much necessary. In the insurance parlance, the risk management is a tool identifying business opportunities to design and modify the insurance products. Risk can have severe impact in case not managed properly and timely. The mapping of risk management(More)
Complement anaphylatoxin 5a (C5a) has been recognized as a potent therapeutic target for anti-inflammatory therapy, thus, blocking the action of C5a on its binding receptors may provide an effective treatment of a variety of inflammatory diseases. However, there have been few clinically available non-peptide C5a receptor antagonists disclosed at present. In(More)
CRM can enable the enterprise to enhance greatest the satisfaction degree and loyalty degree of customer through the effective integrating the human resources, the operation flow and the specialized technology. The data mining technology is playing the very essential role in the CRM implementation. This article introduced the CRM and the data mining(More)
On the basis of analyzing the integration requirements and understanding the relationship between different management data in enterprise, this paper presents the data management models in business. Research into decentralized engineering data, process planning data and scheduling data has been made. According to the existing data management sharing and(More)
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The implementation of knowledge management in our country's IT enterprise is at the preliminary stage basically. Data mining is a very crucial part of knowledge management which is an effective knowledge management process of using data and which can quickly-efficiently explore effective information and knowledge on management and decision-making and(More)
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