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With the increasing demands for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications in intelligent transportation systems, new generation of vehicular telematics inevitably depends on the cooperation of heterogeneous wireless networks. In heterogeneous vehicular telematics, the network selection is an important step to the realization of(More)
In this paper, we build a movie rating prediction system based on selected training sets provided by MovieLens. Several machine learning related algorithms – baseline predictor, KNN, Stochastic Gradient Descent, SVD, SVD++, asymmetric SVD, integrated model and NMTF are used to predict the rating from particular users for unrated movies. RMSE(More)
Cardiac pulse measurements play an important role in diagnosing heart diseases. In this paper, we describe a methodology that simply depends on a series of facial images. By performing automatic face tracking and blind source separation of three color channels into independent components, we extract the blood volume pulse from the recorded facial frames.(More)
Traffic accident records data mining is very important to understand why traffic accidents occurred frequently under some driving, environment, and vehicle conditions. There are many reasons can lead to accident, and their relationships are complex, it is very difficult to build a correct evaluation model. To overcome this problem, statistical models such(More)
Considering that the existing methods of cell segmentation are sensitive to noise, in this paper, a novel method was proposed to obtain the contour of cervical cell accurately and robustly. Firstly, the mean shift algorithm was utilized to smooth the cell image. Then, the initial contour of cervical cell was extracted by an adaptive threshold algorithm.(More)