Haiying Ni

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To identify the molecular determinants for attenuation of wild-type Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus strain SA14, the RNA genome of wild-type strain SA14 and its attenuated vaccine virus SA14-2-8 were reverse transcribed, amplified by PCR and sequenced. Comparison of the nucleotide sequence of SA14-2-8 vaccine virus with virulent parent SA14 virus and with(More)
Strain variation among Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus isolates has been previously demonstrated by many workers using different methods. We report the nucleotide sequence of the 5' non-coding region and the nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of structural protein genes for eight wild-type JE virus strain isolated from different Asian countries(More)
Candida boidinii produces significant amounts of xylitol from xylose, and assays of crude homogenates for aldose (xylose) reductase (XYL1p) have been reported to show relatively high activity with NADH as a cofactor even though XYL1p purified from this yeast does not have such activity. A gene coding for XYL1p from C. boidinii (CbXYL1) was isolated by(More)
—A churn is defined as the loss of a user in an online social network (OSN). Detecting and analyzing user churn at an early stage helps to provide timely delivery of retention solutions (e.g., interventions, customized services, and better user interfaces) that are useful for preventing users from churning. In this paper we develop a prediction model based(More)
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