Haiying Julie Zhu

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Motivation Different levels of service Heterogeneous mix of video, voice and data Soft vs. Hard real-time communication Soft: lost messages and less stringent requirements Utilization vs. time-predictability tradeoff Exact source properties are unknown Out-of-profile violations QoS Relevant QoS properties Packet delay Bandwidth Violation probability (packet(More)
BACKGROUND The live attenuated yellow fever vaccine 17D (YF-17D) is one of the most effective vaccines. Despite its excellent safety record, some cases of viscerotropic adverse events develop, which are sometimes fatal. The mechanisms underlying such events remain a mystery. Here, we present an analysis of the immunologic and genetic factors driving disease(More)
BACKGROUND HIV-1 DNA in blood monocytes is considered a viral source of various HIV-1 infected tissue macrophages, which is also known as "Trojan horse" hypothesis. However, whether these DNA can produce virions has been an open question for years, due to the inability of isolating high titer and infectious HIV-1 directly from monocytes. RESULTS In this(More)
Understanding the mechanisms underlying potential altered susceptibility to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection in highly exposed seronegative (ES) individuals and the later clinical consequences of breakthrough infection can provide insight into strategies to control HIV-1 with an effective vaccine. From our Seattle ES cohort, we(More)
Cancer immunotherapy is the use of the immune system to treat cancer. Our current research proposed an optional strategy of activating immune system involving in cancer immunotherapy. When being treated with 2% DMSO in culture medium, Hepa1-6 cells showed depressed proliferation with no significant apoptosis or decreased viability. D-hep cells, Hepa1-6(More)
Future generation wireless packet networks will support multimedia applications with diverse quality-of-service (QoS) requirements. Much of the research on scheduling algorithms has been focused on hard QoS provisioning of integrated services. Although these algorithms give hard delay bounds, their stringent requirements sacrifice the potential statistical(More)
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