Haiying Chen

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Gibberellin (GA) 2-oxidases play an important role in the GA catabolic pathway through 2β-hydroxylation. There are two classes of GA2oxs, i.e., a larger class of C₁₉-GA2oxs and a smaller class of C₂₀-GA2oxs. In this study, the gene encoding a GA 2-oxidase of rice, Oryza sativa GA 2-oxidase 5 (OsGA2ox5), was cloned and characterized. BLASTP analysis showed(More)
Gravitropism is a complex process involving a series of physiological pathways. Despite ongoing research, gravitropism sensing and response mechanisms are not well understood. To identify the key transcripts and corresponding pathways in gravitropism, a whole-genome microarray approach was used to analyze transcript abundance in the shoot base of rice(More)
Loss of cytoglobin is found to be involved in the progression of several human cancers. However, its expression pattern and biological roles in human ovarian cancers are not clear. In this study, we examined cytoglobin expression in 118 archived ovarian cancer specimens using immunohistochemistry. A total of 72 specimens (61.0 %) showed cytoglobin(More)
Preeclampsia, one of the major disorders of pregnancy, is characterized by inadequate trophoblast invasion and defective trophoblast-mediated remodeling of placental vasculature. MicroRNA-34a (miR-34a) has been found to be aberrantly expressed in the placentas of preeclamptic patients, yet its role in placental development and in the pathogenesis of(More)
Undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver (UESL) represents a heterogeneous group of tumors derived from mesenchymal tissues. Earlier cytogenetic studies in limited cases demonstrated that UESL is associated with a recurrent translocation t(11;19)(q11;q13.3-q13.4) or add(19)(q13.4). In this report, we present our array comparative genomic(More)
In contrast to animals, plant development involves continuous organ formation, which requires strict regulation of cell proliferation. The core cell cycle machinery is conserved across plants and animals, but plants have developed new mechanisms that precisely regulate cell proliferation in response to internal and external stimuli. Here, we report that the(More)
The evolutionarily conserved small G-protein Ran plays important role in nuclear translocation of proteins, cell cycle regulation, and nuclear envelope maintenance in mammalian cells and yeast. Arabidopsis Ran proteins are encoded by a family of four genes and are highly conserved at the protein level. However, their biological functions are poorly(More)
Paternally expressed gene 10 (PEG10) is an imprinted and monoallelic expressed gene. Previous study using a knockout mouse model revealed a crucial role of PEG10 in placental development, yet the exact function of PEG10 during placentation remains to be elucidated. In this study, denuded chorionic villi were prepared from first trimester human placentas,(More)
Although it is increasingly evident that cancer is influenced by signals emanating from tumor stroma, little is known regarding how changes in stromal gene expression affect epithelial tumor progression. We used laser capture microdissection to compare gene expression profiles of tumor stroma from 53 primary breast tumors and derived signatures strongly(More)
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